Cobweb Willow Dyed Heart
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Cobweb Willow Dyed Heart

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Hand embroidered on to vintage linen dyed with willow leaves, and with a silk ribbon for hanging. The heart measures 6.5cm at its widest point and is 9cm in length. 

There are four options to choose from:

  • Lavender
  • A 19th Century Rose mix, which includes rose, vetiver, lavender, sandalwood and orris root, it has anti moth properties, so is perfect for protecting wool and linens.
  • An 1880s Lavender mix, containing not only lavender but also rose, calamus, clove, mint, marjoram, thyme, lemon thyme and a touch of ambrette.
  • Hannah Glasse's recipe of 1747 containing coriander seed, orris root, rose petals, calamus, mace, cinnamon, lavender and cloves.

All have a wonderful scent and can also be hung from a door handle or a bed post to gently perfume your room. 

The raw edged silk ribbon is hand dyed by Roses Lane Fabrics using a natural dye made from oak bark.