Corn Cockle Meadow Mini Pillow
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Corn Cockle Meadow Mini Pillow

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A corn cockle meadow hand embroidered in hand dyed silks onto 19th century linen. The silks are naturally shaded and reflect the light beautifully. 

The little pillow contains an 18th century mix to perfume your room or to lay amongst your clothing.  It's taken from 'The Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Simple', written in 1747 by Hannah Glasse, a quite extraordinary and enterprising lady, and the very first female, celebrity, cookery expert! 

Her book was reprinted many times and was a great favourite, not only in Britain but also in America; Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington all had copies.  I wonder if they used this scented recipe to perfume their clothes too?

The mix contains coriander seed, orris root, rose petals, calamus, mace, cinnamon, lavender, cloves, and is absolutely gorgeous. If you would like to try a free sample, please check out the 'scented samples' in the Still Room section.  My husband, Rick, loves this scent, says it's his favourite yet, and calls it 'transporting'; now there's a recommendation!  

The mini pillows are 4" (10cm) square.