The Song Thrush
The Song Thrush
The Peacock's Tale

The Song Thrush

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Hand embroidered on to antique linen, a song thrush sits on a forsythia branch with a line from John Clare's poem 'The Thrush's Nest', beneath. 

A beautiful bird, the song thrush has many romantic country names, throstle and mavis being but two, not to mention it's also very helpful in the garden, it's one of the best snail hunters there is!  So it seemed only natural to try to capture one in embroidery, and after many months he's finally finished and ready to spread his wings. 

The picture has been hand stretched over acid free card, to extend longevity, and placed in a vintage frame with original gold slip.  The frame measures 20cm x 23cm and picture size is 15cm x 18cm.

There is only one available making it truly unique.