Environmental Policy

"If all the world were paper, And all the seas were ink; If all the trees were bread and cheese, How should we do for drink?"

Nursery Rhyme

We are committed to living on the earth as gently as possible, that aim is also reflected in our business.  We are always looking for ways to improve, and our intention is that this policy will continue to grow as we learn and discover more.


  • The linen I use for embroidery dates from the nineteenth and early to mid twentieth centuries. 
  • The beeswax for our candles is sourced from British hives, as yet we have been unable to source from the Worcestershire area, but we continue to look for a supplier nearer home.
  • The flowers and seeds for our potpourri and sweet bags come in the main from our organic garden and from George Baldwin Herbalists.


  • All orders are sent wrapped in acid free tissue paper in an Eco box made from recycled card.
  • We do not use plastic tape; we seal boxes and wrapped goods with brown paper tape.
  • For delicate items, i.e. antique porcelain, either re-used cardboard or, if necessary, re-used bubble wrap is used.

 Energy Providers

Our business is based at our home, which is run on energy provided by Good Energy.  We have used electricity and gas from Good Energy for over a decade; the electricity is 100% renewable, generated by solar and wind power, whilst the gas is carbon neutral, 10% is from biomass and the remainder offset through carbon reduction schemes.  You can read more about them here: https://www.goodenergy.co.uk/